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Property Evaluation Services

JPS Property Evaluation and Inspection Services

JPS is an architectural firm. As architects, JPS has technical expertise and design knowledge other firms may not. JPS' expert staff have current knowledge and experience with all building codes, ADA regulations, life safety and fire codes, and HUD requirements.

JPS' Property Condition Assessments and Environmental Site Assessments include:

  • JPS provides an assessment that accurately reflects the physical status of the property. Our reports are professional and accurate and can be relied upon in a wide spectrum of circumstances and uses.
  • Their costing is accurate due to the more than 60 years of combined experience estimating costs and executing evaluations. JPS uses Robert Hood and John Colendar, two of the leading experts in estimating costs.
  • JPS knows and understands State Tax Credit requirements, saving our clients time and money.
  • They use computerized repair and replacement estimating systems.
  • JPS has been involved with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development since 1970. This long-standing relationship allows us to know first hand how HUD works, its programs, and its financing. This can save you from making costly mistakes.
  • Their experience and background allow us to custom tailor the report process for each individual client. We work closely with the client to ensure that each report meets their specific needs.
  • JPS stands solidly behind each report. The job is not done until the client is satisfied and has a useable and meaningful report.

JPS Inspection Services Include:

  • Acquisition due diligence reports
  • Mortgage due diligence reports, including insured loans as well as conventional financing and other types
  • HUD 221 (D)(4) due diligence reports that involve new construction or substantial rehabilitation of multifamily housing or cooperative housing for the elderly, the handicapped or persons who fall under a certain income level
  • HUD 223F or (A7) due diligence reports, including the refinancing or purchase of multifamily rental facilities
  • HUD 232 LEAN due diligence reports, including construction and rehabilitation of assisted-living facilities, nursing homes and intermediate care facilities
  • Construction progress and draw inspections
  • Periodic inspections to determine adequacy of project replacement reserves
  • Equity investment due diligence inspections
  • Maintenance system and physical condition analysis and planning
  • Handicap Accessibility compliance inpection and reports
  • Tax Credit requirements

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