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Due Diligence

JPS is a full-service Architectural Firm and a HUD Listed Provider.

They have assembled a team of key staff members who offer a strong portfolio of architectural and lending experience. The JPS architects actually work through the process. They do more than design structures, they carry real-world lending, costing and construction industry experience. They implement this knowlege when performing Due Diligence, offering their customers complete and solid results. Because they are architects, they have a vast array of resources of MEPs, civil and structural engineers, developers and contractors to call upon to get their clients the right answer, right away.

Many firms can offer Due Diligence but few fully understand the entire process like the JPS architects. They know how the review and approval system works from multiple perspectives. They have played the role of the architect and the underwriter and they know the rules of the game. JPS knows how they have been treated versus how they want to be treated...this transcends into how they believe their clients should be treated. If a client experiences issues with loan processing, JPS' solid list of preferred lenders are called upon as resources to provide answers to their clients.

JPS' experienced team allows them to seamlessly adapt to every situation on a personal and professional level. They are trained to think strategically and work diligently to not only provide complex assessments, but real-world solutions. This means everyone at JPS understands what's at stake - from the Administrative Assistant to the Finance Department to the Architect and Assessment Specialist.

  • Risk Analysis and Assessment
  • Facility Planning and Cost Assessment
  • Property Inspection and Evaluation Services

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