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Zachary B. Smith, Facilities Analyst & Vice President

Zach has more than seven years of experience in underwriting and restructuring loans for federally assisted residential properties. Through experience and training with JPS & Associates in multi-family housing evaluations and inspections, Zach recognizes the role each party plays throughout the process.

His extensive experience in reviewing and analyzing property condition assessments makes him a valuable tool for JPS clients. Zach has performed property evaluations assessments throughout the United States, working for both government and private entities. His experience includes work with a variety of building types, including multi-family and healthcare facilities. He has also worked with federally-assisted affordable housing properties, as well as market-rate properties.

Because of his experience in all sectors of the multi-family housing and healthcare markets, Zach is uniquely trained to understand how the client utilizes their Property Condition Assessment reports. This means that each report is fine-tuned for every client, giving them the exact tools they need to carry out a successful project.

Summary of Relevant Experience

  • 7 years of experience as an Underwriter
  • 6 years of Property Evaluation Experience
  • 6 years of Site Evaluation Experience
  • HUD Map Certified as an Architectural Analyst and Cost Estimator
  • HUD Lean Certified as an Architectural Analyst and Cost Estimator

Facility Analysis Experience

  • Inspected more than 70 facilities for HUD approved Mortgage Lenders to determine the critical, non-critical and long-term needs of a property
  • Managed the completion of Physical Condition Assessment Reports for over 200 healthcare facilities for the Evangelical Lutheran Good Samaritan Society
  • PCNA or PCA quality control working with lender, client or HUD on any report revisions
  • Assessed and developed cost-effective analysis on corporate properties, individual real estate properties and government subsidized properties
  • Coordinated site visits with property management and ownership *
  • Restructured and underwritten more than 75 properties in the HUD M2M Program *
  • Coordinated site visits for all 3rd Party Contractors including appraisers, physical inspectors, environmental and engineering companies with property management and ownership *
  • Team Leader for a Feasibility Analysis on GSA-owned building for future development*
  • Reviewed over 30 Appraisals and PNAs for the 2006 and 2005 HUD Multi-family and Healthcare Loan Sale *


  • Bachelor of Science, Business Administration, William Jewell College 1999

* Indicates work done while employee at Signet Partners.

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